Your Mission:

Satisfied Customers – and Higher Profits

Huebsch Command helps you run a smarter business by letting you easily accept mobile payments, control machines, and manage your laundry business from anywhere.

Mobile Payment
Mobile App Payment Flexibility
Huebsch® Rewards
Generate Customer Loyalty With Rewards
Our Mission:

A Laundromat That’s as Smart as You Are

At Huebsch®, we understand that when you have the facts—all the facts—there’s no limit to your business’s potential. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, Huebsch Command gives you the reporting, monitoring and configuration capabilities to do what you do best: make intelligent business decisions.

Performance Data
Advanced Performance Data
 Adjust Water Levels
Adjust Water Levels
Remote Start and System Monitoring
Remote Start & System Monitoring
Configure from the Cloud
Configure Machines from the Cloud
Set Pricing
Set Time-of-Day/
Day-of-Week Pricing
Turns Per Day
Turns Per Day
Multilevel Pricing Changes
Multilevel Vend Pricing Changes
Service Alerts via Text or Email
Service Alerts Via Email or Text
Supported by Huebsch
100% Supported by Huebsch

Smart Businesses
Know Their Customers

Huebsch Customer Management System (CRM)

Personalized connection. Powerful engagement.

Easily filter and market to customers based on deep system analytics. Segment by:

  • Type of customer (Self-Service or WDF)
  • Time since last visit
  • Average Spend for Self-Service, WDF or Goods purchased
  • What day of the week they visit

Use Huebsch CRM to:

Grow customer spend across all customer segments through a combination of automated reward programs and special promotions
Remind customers of reward programs, scheduled pricing changes or special events
Encourage self-service customers to transition to Wash Dry Fold through customized incentives
Reengage lost customers or encourage repeat visits
Create loyalty and increase customer engagement
Run customer contests or ask for referrals

The Huebsch App & Huebsch Value Center

Today’s consumers have more choices, more mobility and less time than ever before.

By accepting mobile payment via smartphone, you can deliver a quick, convenient laundry experience that fits seamlessly into your customers’ lives.

  • Cash and cashless options are available for online wallet reloading with the Huebsch app.
  • Customers can take advantage of the Huebsch Value Center, where they can load value to their online wallets.
  • Customers can view the status of their current cycle in the app and get notified when their laundry is done.
  • The ability to manage all locations from one interface centralizes refunds and saves you time.

Huebsch Rewards

Available via the Huebsch app, Huebsch Rewards helps you show appreciation for—and retain—your customers.

  • Customers accumulate points and earn rewards for visiting your store.
  • Huebsch Rewards lets you foster stronger connections with your customers, leading to increased loyalty—and the ability to positively influence buying behavior.
  • You control how rewards are earned and redeemed.
  • It’s fully integrated into Huebsch Command, so there are no third-party payment systems to install and maintain.
  • The Huebsch app is available for smartphones running iOS or Android.

A Smarter Way To A Profitable Laundromat

With Huebsch, you get help determining store location and layout. You get financing. You get smart tech to remotely manage your store. From A to Z, you get everything you need to provide an experience that easily keeps customers coming back.

We Keep You Connected - Not Tied Down

Wireless, cloud-based and retaining all the Galaxy features you love, Huebsch Command lets you optimize your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The initial setup takes minutes and the system is supported and upgraded by Huebsch, so you can breathe easier knowing we’ve got your back 24/7.

Commercial Front Load Washer

Commercial Front Load Washers

Commercial Washer Extractors

Commercial Washer-Extractors

Commercial Single Tumble Dryers

Commercial Single Tumble Dryers

Commercial Stack Tumble Dryers

Commercial Stack Tumble Dryers

Easy to Use

  • Can be used on desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Receive service alerts via text or email and access your information at any time.
  • Create automatically generated reports that can be texted or emailed to your phone daily, weekly or monthly.

Easy to Install

  • No static IP address required.
  • No firewall changes.
  • No need for dedicated IT resources.
  • Cloud-based—no software to install.

Easy to Integrate

  • Backward compatible with existing Galaxy 600 installations—simply install networking board in each machine.
  • Galaxy software needed only to set the network address for each machine.
  • Peace of mind thanks to 24/7 support for store owners—the only offering of its kind in the industry.

Current Daily Revenue KPI: $1500


  • Interactive dashboards can be configured to show revenue, turns and a host of other values.
  • Store owners can set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals for performance tracking.
  • Show all locations or drill down to a single store.
Interactive Dashboards


  • Location graphs for revenue and turns expand for individual-machine view.
  • Single location or all locations.
  • Exportable to PDF or Excel for further analysis.
  • Customizable date range to allow view by day, week, month, etc.


  • All existing Galaxy 600 audit reports are accessible within Huebsch Command.
  • Any Huebsch Galaxy 600 report can be subscribed to via email or sent to a distribution list, employee, etc.
Audit Reports


Map view allows multiple locations to be grouped with a drag-and-drop boundary. Choosing a location will bring up specific information about that location—machine status, profitability reports, etc.



All features of the Galaxy control are available. Configure machines with programs based on machine capacity and type. Programs can be sent to a single machine or to all machines of that type in all stores, and can be scheduled to allow time-of-day/day-of-week pricing, etc.



Advanced tracking capabilities allow you to view account balances, transaction histories, payment methods and rewards points. And, you can issue refunds directly to your customers’ online wallets for improved customer service and efficiency.


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Special Financing Offers

Replacement Promotion

  • 5.99% variable – 6 months interest only
  • Interest Rate: WSJ Prime + 2.74%
  • Term: Max term 96 months (96 months for transactions greater than $100k & 84 months for transactions greater than $50k)
  • 9 & 10 year financing available on select deals (deals over $500k) (rate is 1% higher)
  • Interest Only: 6 Months Interest Only
  • Fee: .25% admin fee ($500 minimum)
  • Approval deadline 2/28/2022
  • Funding Deadline: 5/31/2022
  • Prepayment Penalty: None
  • Subject to satisfactory credit review

New store promotion

  • 6.50% variable – 90 days deferred 10 months interest only
  • Interest Rate: WSJ Prime + 3.25%
  • Term: Max term 96 months (96 months for transactions greater than $100k & 84 months for transactions greater than $50k)
  • 9 & 10 year financing available on select deals (deals over $500k) (rate is .75% higher)
  • Deferral Period: 90 days deferred payment
  • Interest Only: 10 Months Interest Only
  • Fee: .25% admin fee ($500 minimum)
  • Approval deadline 2/28/2022
  • Funding Deadline: 5/31/2022
  • Prepayment Penalty: None
  • Subject to satisfactory credit review

*Available in North America only

** Rates are subject to formal credit approval and acceptable credit scores.

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